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About Monte Adentro

We have been working since 2015 in the province of Chaco, Argentina, alongside the rural communities of the Chaco´s impenetrable. We promote and accompany community projects that allow rural people to fully develop in their place of origin, in harmony with biodiversity.

The lack of opportunities in education, health and employment, as well as the lack of conditions and infrastructure in rural areas, deeply limits the development of people and causes the migration of families to urbanized environments. This promotes the disappearance of communities, their networks, habits and uses, resulting in the disappearance of cultures with their own characteristics in harmony with nature.

We believe that, with the necessary tools and opportunities, every person can grow and fulfill themselves in their place of origin. This allows the generation of new possibilities to improve the living conditions of their community, which is achieved through individual and community effort, in order to build a more dignified and fair society.

We promote the comprehensive development of the rural communities of the Chaco forest through socio-community projects that achieve the genuine rights and aspirations of families, generated from the bond, participation and community integration.

To achieve this, we work together with rural communities with education, health, trades and entrepreneurship, gardens and community strengthening programs. Currently, we develop our programs in 26 rural areas located around Tres Isletas, Quitilipi, Pampa del Indio, Castelli, Sáenz Peña and Nueva Pompeya, province of Chaco.

Thanks to the articulated work of all the programs, spaces, resources, tools and opportunities are generated so as to allow, rural families to overcome situations of indigence, marginality and social exclusion. Thus, its members are empowered and progress through collective effort and their own wishes until they achieve decent living conditions and genuine possibilities for comprehensive development in their communities of origin, without being forced to abandon them.

In this framework, we strengthen people so that they recognize their rights, their dignity, and we provide them with the necessary support and tools so that they can develop as individuals and as a community with their own strengths.

To preserve the mount, its communities must be encouraged. By promoting and accompanying the development of communities, we also promote the preservation of the Chaco forest and its biodiversity. Therefore, accompanying a family from a rural community is taking care of the native forest.